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PanelTabs Panel resizes itself

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PanelTabs Panel resizes itself

I am a new user running Act! Premium Version I. My computer is running Windows 7 Professional and I have a UHD monitor that is now set for 2048 x 1152 resolution.

I took the generic 1366 x 768 screen layout for Contacts and added and deleted some fiields.  Whenever I open up a new instance of ACT! and go to the Contacts screen the lower "PanelTabs Panel" has resized and encrouched upon the upper "PanelDetail Panel".

I don't see how you can adjust each of the panels separately so I am stuck having to resize my lower panel everytime I open up a Contact window.  Any ideas?  Thanks. 

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Re: PanelTabs Panel resizes itself


did you ever receive an answer to this post, or design a fix?

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Re: PanelTabs Panel resizes itself

Hi jbade,


Support for high DPI monitors was greatly improved in Act v18.1.

You can find a third-party tool for applying the fix to earlier versions of Act in this post.