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I tried to install ACT 2006 WG on my computer that already had ACT 6.0.  After installing Act 2006, I cannot get the sql server, act7 instance to work.  I already unistalled the old Act 6.0, but ACT7 won't start in services.msc.  I can't even open the actdemo.pad file or any other db file.


Please HELP!!!!!

thank you.

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ACT! 6.0 would have ne effect and can remain installed without a problem for later versions of ACT!.


Do you have an error in the Windows Event Log when trying to start the ACT7 instance in services.msc?

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I don't know...but I have manually uninstalled ACT 2006 following directions from the kb. 


Even after I reinstall with fresh settings I get the same error messages.


"Could not create the specified database. Master was not found." 


when i try to open the demo pad file, "The database ... could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable any firewall software on your computer or the server"


When checking actdiag, there is no SQL server connection at all.


What else can I do?


Please help,  much appreciated!


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The reference to "master" is SQL trying to access some of it's core components. The fact that it can't find the master database suggests that the install of SQL is faulty or incomplete.


Try the manual uninstall again paying particular attention to the section dealing with the SQL components. Then shoot for a clean install using your ACT installer.


OFC best practices during install are critical, admin privileges to the local machine, no firewall or antivirus software running etc.
Brad Marquardt
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