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Using outlook with ACT. How do I get it so I can email from ACT thru outlook to only people in my groups or companies with email addresses?
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Re: Outlook

After setting up Outlook as the email client and settng up the ACT! address book in Outlook, you would run the Mail Merge wizard, details are in KB article 13883.


Neil Gilford
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Re: Outlook

Where do I get this article?
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Re: Outlook

You can find all sorts of help, including the above artice at the knowledgebase.


Go to

Click on "Support" and then "Knowledgebase/live chat assistance"

In the new window select "answer ID" in the drop down menu under search by

Type in the above article ID (13883) in the Search Text Box and click on Find


The mentioned article will come up on the search list. click on it to read.



There is a BUNCH of good information in the knowledgebase. Its a great place to just browse around and definately the first place to look when you encounter a problem.



Matt Pulsts
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Re: Outlook

[ Edited ]

Yes, that article will illustrate the part of the mail merge that asks you how you want to handle contacts with no email addresses. Also, ACT will only add contacts with email addresses to the address book in Outlook.  Thanks for your help with this post, Matt.

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Greig Hollister

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