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Outlook synchronisation setup - ACT! for web

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Outlook synchronisation setup - ACT! for web

Hi everyone,


I have a problem completing the outlook setup, for Sage ACT! 2013 for Web.



 - I installed the outlook integration components following the guide, then i thought that's about it. 

 - I can attach emails to contacts history alright, until i noticed that activities are not carried through to outlook from ACT! and vice versa.

 - I intend to do the Synchronise with Outlook calendar, under Tools menu in ACT! for web.



 -  Warning message says 'Unable to access Sage ACT! Web Server. Please try again. If you continue to see this message, recycle the IIS application pool or restart the IIS...'

 - Outlook synch window setup appears, but i'm unable to do anything on sychronise outlook calendar tab because the fields are greyed out (inactive).


I checked the administrator's guide.  Following the instruction i edited the web config file, and restarted the IIS.


Then i logged in again to ACT! for web, and tried to execute again the outlook synchronisation setup, however i still experienced the same issues.


I hope somebody can give me light on what to do next, to accomplish the outlook calendar synchronisation.