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Outlook premium contact link unable to connect to database

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Outlook premium contact link unable to connect to database

I am trying to get my outlook contact link add in to connect to my act database which is hosted on my server. The issue i'm having is the web server says must use https, I changed my site to use https by using port 8443 since 443 is already utilized by another application and using a self signed certificate. I can get access to my site on my pc through IE and chrome. But when logging into the database through outlook premium contact link it's not able to connect. Any ideas why it won't connect and how to fix?

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Re: Outlook premium contact link unable to connect to database

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Is the Web API installed and working on the server?
If it isn't you can run through KB 38270 - How do I set up the Act! Premium Web API? to get it up and running.


If it is already installed, or if it still fails after install, try and see if you're able to access the web API locally on the server.


A good test to see if the API is working is to go to:



If the API is working it should return the version of the API and of Act like this:


  "apiVersion": "",
  "sdkVersion": ""

if you get {g2c:unavailable} or any http errors then it indicates that the API is not working correctly.


One other requirement for the Premium contact link is that the username you're using has a password - any password will do, but it is required.

Lastly, make sure you're using the 'full' API url as the server URL - this would be:


https://<your IP/domain address>/act.web.api/


Hope this helps!