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Outlook intermittent freezing and error "Act.Outlook.Service error creating window handle"

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Outlook intermittent freezing and error "Act.Outlook.Service error creating window handle"

I'm getting this problem on multiple computers with varying specs.  For this example, I have a Dell Optiplex with a 2.2ghz processor, 2 gigs of RAM, 80 gig hard drive with Act 11.0 and Outlook.  When I rolled out the new version, I set her Outlook to attach all incoming emails via Outlook Rules, record history on all outgoing emails by default, and scheduled a Calendar copy from ACT to Outlook once a day.


She experienced severe computer freezing issues to the point that I couldn't bring up the Task Manager to see what process might be causing the issue.  Nothing of this sort has happened before on any of these clients prior to the upgrade.


I disabled all the attachment/calendar settings except recording history.  The problem has been lessened but is still there at least once or twice a day for multiple users.  Now when the freezing happens, we get an error message:  "Act.Outlook.Service error creating window handle".  When we're able to click OK on the message and bring up the Task Manager, the Act.Outlook service is no longer running and we have to reboot to get the computer back to normal.


I found this, while looking for this problem on the internet:


Which says:


"The Outlook.Service.exe loads via the startup programs - use msconfig to disable if desired.
Setting Outlook History options default as "Record history" is currently dangerous and will negatively impact the performance of the DB host machine. Why?

When this process (not service) is active, each time a users send a message, a copy of it is created in  C:\Documents and Settings\<USER>\Application Data\ACT\ACT for Windows 9\HistoryQueue as well as a identical file with an XML extension.  If the e-mail address of the recipient appears in ACT, both files disappear once they are attached to the contact in ACT.

Here's the catch:  If the e-mail address can not be resolved, the files stay in the folder. The ACT.Outlook.Service constantly scans the HistoryQueue for messages and tries to find a match in ACT. Over time, this folder will fill
up with messages.  On our server, there were 940 messages (1880 files) in this directory.  With no one logged into the server, this ACT.Outlook.Service was consistently using 40% of the CPU.  The Application folder in the Event Viewer was full of errors that alternated between reporting a problem with this process and then a 2nd error that said Value equals Null.

If we shut off the process, e-mail would not attach to contacts, either automatically or manually.. What we discovered is that as soon as we deleted all the messages (not the two folders) in the Historyqueue, the CPU
utilization for this process immediately dropped to 0.

So what does this mean to you? If you see this process constantly using the CPU on the DB host machine, there are unresolved message sitting in this folder.  

Thanks to John Kaufman of the CRM alliance for researching and finding a fix for this error."



I've cleared these folders, and I'm monitoring the issue today.  If we have the issue again, I will disable this process to narrow down the cause.


We don't want to forsake the functionality that was the main reason we upgraded, or have to clear these folders all the time.  Anyone else have this problem or suggestions/hotfixes?  Thanks.  Smiley Happy

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Currently attachment name resolution is made based on con...

Currently attachment name resolution is made based on contact name, in the next update to 11.1 it will instead search based on email address. This might help to reduce the quantity of emails in the queue, but I'm certain this isn't the answer you were hoping for.


The attach to act contact progress window in the 2009 version allows unsuccessful emails to be purged via this window.


Hope this is somewhat helpful.

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Re:Outlook intermittent freezing & error "Act.Outlook.Service error...

Along the same lines as the other post, when an email cannot be attached, an error icon will show up in the taskbar down near the clock - look for a small round "X".


Right clicking on that icon, and choosing "Show Progress" will bring up the ACT-Outlook linking progress status.  The middle tab is "Not attached messages", and from there you can remove the messages that did not make it.





Richard Brust
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Re: Re:Outlook intermittent freezing & error "Act.Outlook.Service error...

Thank you Richard.  Smiley Happy


I've been doing this as a temporary fix, but what I'm looking for is something permanent which won't require desktop support from me for all my users daily.  I've completely disabled the Act.Outlook service from msconfig at this point, just to get my users to the point they were at before the upgrade.  So far, I'm not impressed with these new features.


I suppose it's time to call support.  Thank you all for your help.