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Outlook incoming email no longer copied to ACT

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Outlook incoming email no longer copied to ACT

I am using ACT Pro 2011 and Outlook 2010.  I have been running the outlook email rule for some years now (to take an outlook incoming email and copy it to the ACT database under the senders record).


I have just realized that the incoming emails are no longer getting copied to ACT.  (Unfortunately this is not immediately obvious because the categorization of the message occurs before the ACT custom command is executed so it looks like the custom command was successful regardless of it failing or succeeding).


Furrther checking revealed the following:


  • Using the Outlook addin "quick attach" also doesn't work
  • Using the outlook addin "Attach to ACT! contacts", brings up the contact selection dialogue and has properly selected the right contact; I accept this but it still doesn't copy the email to ACT
  • Looks like it has ben failing for a week or 2
  • I applied hotfix 5 yesterday, but this problem started before it and continues to exist after that.
  • I have a 2nd computer running a remote database (and Outlook) - and it is seems to be failing there too.


Outgoing emails do get copied to ACT




Any suggstions on where to look to figure this out?


Ken Wiens
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Re: Outlook incoming email no longer copied to ACT

Just got the same complaint (was working) from a client on HF4 Premium.

Outlook 2010 Exchange Cache Mode

KB 23020 (updated 8/11/2011)says:

...feature will not function with Exchange Server contacts...currently under investigation.

Any update?

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
Stamford, CT