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Outlook icons not working correctly on a terminal server

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Outlook icons not working correctly on a terminal server

I have recently upgraded an ACT!2005/7 site with a single user licence to ACT!2009/11 Premium with 7 licences.  ACT! is installed on a Win2003 SBS & 2 terminal servers.  All users run ACT! via a TS session.


Everything went very well except users get a "File not found" error when sending an email via Outlook.  This was solved by following KB #23410 (changing the %user% in the registry) & manually adding the HistoryQueue folder to the users' profiles.  But I still got "Error in the application" if I clicked on the "Attachment email to Contact" icon, & some of the other icons wouldn't work at all.


I have manually added the "Temporary Attachment Files" folder to the user profile, & that seems to fix everything except the "Attachment email to Contact" icon.


I've installed ACT! on terminal servers before without these problems (or needing to manually edit the registry & add folders).  Does anyone know:


1.  How to fix the icon issue

2.  What I need to tell their network administrator to adjust to avoid future problems.