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Outlook contact sync phone extensions

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Outlook contact sync phone extensions

Act! Premium v20.1 


Act! separates phone numbers and extensions into separate fields.  Outlook only uses one field for a phone number.


During the Act - Outlook contact sync, Act concatenates the two fields using an x to precede a phone extension when creating a contact within Outlook.


Act users are then relying on Outlook to sync contacts to their phones.  Using the X in the phone number field is not supported on iOS, but it does work on Android. 


Using a comma or semicolon before an extension is a more widely supported global standard, rather than X.  A comma will add a 2-second delay before automatically dialing the extension, and a semicolon will delay until it is manually pressed.  Having the X in the phone number field on iOS will cause the phone call to error out and not be completed as dialed.


Is there any way to adjust the Act! contact sync settings with Outlook to have it enter extensions with a ; prefix instead of x?  If not, can it be requested as an option?  Thank you.

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