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Outlook and APFW 2013 not working

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Outlook and APFW 2013 not working

We have APFW 2013 (access via web) and had the Outlook integration working (sage.act.integration.exe). Now suddenly either it doesn';t work or users get "Sage.act.integration has stopped working". Now none of it works.


I have tried:

Uninstalling/reinstallng Outlook integration

Right click and choose compatibility mode

restart IIS

Recycle Application pools


Has anyone else had this issue? The application runs, and my outlook addins are present, and the preferences says to attach emails to contacts but they do not work.


Any ideas?


Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Outlook and APFW 2013 not working



I would check your event viewer (eventvwr.exe) and see if the error sare being reported there.  Sometimes the source of the error will tell us more about what happened than anything.  If you find something there, post it here so I can look at it.

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