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Outlook and ACT working together

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Outlook and ACT working together

I am now officially beside myself with frustration.


I have recently installed Office 365, then Act Pro Version, Update 7 on my Windows 10 laptop.


The combination worked perfectly on my previous Windows machine.


Although I was able to send email to an Act contact using Outlook 2016, the program was not recording the date of the email, and it was not saving a copy of the message with the contact.


I have been through every step suggested to me. For some reason, at this point, I can no longer send email through Act.Outlook. I don't know why.


Before I discard the program as a massive waste of money (and time), I'm thinking of uninstalling Act, then re-installing it to see if that does the trick. I seem to remember that there is some sort of clean removal program to accomplish this. Is that correct/


To say I am disappointed in this program would be n understatement. I have used Act since the DOS days and have always been extremely happy with it. Now, not so much. Am I just missing some sort of magic bullet to get it to work as advertised?


Thanks for any help anyone can offer.

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Re: Outlook and ACT working together

Hi , 


are you storing the emails in the cloud or localy?

as if you are storing the emails in the cloud, then you would need Act Premium scubscription




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Re: Outlook and ACT working together

My email is local.


I am really puzzled, because the whole system worked perfectly before migrating to the new computer. I haven't made any significant changes in configuration.


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Re: Outlook and ACT working together

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First please see this link from someone who had the same problem if running AVG antivirus



Here is the link to the ACT uninstaller


When you moved computers is the new laptop a later version of Windows? EG 7 to 10.


If so read this about disabling user account control before the installation.


Were all anti virus programs turned off during installation?


Have you tried a repair of office? (Even though it is a new installation.)


Does the ACT address book show under address books in Outlook? If not try adding.



Hope some of this helps.