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Outlook Sync with contact failed

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Outlook Sync with contact failed

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One of our machines that runs windows vista  and outlook 2007 - has quick attach and emails say their attaching ,but when outlook syncs we get the message that the sync failed everyother machine works perfectly  any ideas?  We are running 2011 premium web version

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Re: Outlook Sync with contact failed

The e-mail history recording function and ACT!/Outlook sync are 2 separate processes.  Can you provide additional information about the sync failing:

- is this through the web interface or installed ACT! program?

- what is the error message?

- is it failing for contacts or calendar (or both)?  You can test syncing each individually to determine.

- is this a shared database that is successfully syncing to Outlook on other machines?


If it is failing on the calendar sync, try reducing the number of days to be synced.  It could be a 'problem' activity.

If it is the same database others are syncing with, try creating a new Outlook profile and sync to it to test.  If successful, the original Outlook profile (*.pst file) may be damaged.

Greg Martin