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Outlook Rules Not Behaving as Indicated.

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Outlook Rules Not Behaving as Indicated.

If you have two ACT databases you may well have two different outlook rules set up to direct certain emails to certain databases.


It appears that this doesn't work.


Although you can specify the database in a rule to be specific for for that rule (in  Select Custom Action > Change), the value is not stored, Emails will always be attached to database specified as the default ACT Address Book.


So, if I have database A and database B, I set up A as the default address book. Then I add database B as a second address book.  If I now try and create a rule that directs email to database B, ACT seems to allow me to do so since I can edit the Select Custom Action part of the rule and select database B from the "Record history to contacts for the following ACT! database" window.  Problem is that if you close then open the window again the database you have selected has now reverted to the default, A.


I suspect ACT is working as designed, but this dialogue needs tidying up so it doesn't lead you up the garden path.



Jeff Granger
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Re: Outlook Rules Not Behaving as Indicated.

Jeff while the options is there to add multiple address books I would agree this has not been well thought out. Why not combine back into a single database is probably to only way this functions works correctly.
Paul Buchtmann Australia
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Re: Outlook Rules Not Behaving as Indicated.

The existing functionality only allows history to be recorded in the Default address book.  The only function the additional address books serve is to be available to Outlook to send messages to, but messages sent to those contacts will not record in that secondary database's history.

Greig Hollister

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