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Outlook Integration Reliability

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Outlook Integration Reliability

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Hello community,


I have a client (more than one) who can never seem to get the Outlook integration to stick. This isn't an issue with a specific computer, specific environment, or even a specific version of Office or Windows. It just seems that some clients never can maintain the link between Act and Outlook.


I've fought this for years. You set it up, it works fine, a few days later, it just stops working. Randomly it'll work again but usually not unless you reset it back up. 


This has been a point of frustration for a long time and I have never found an actual solution. If I call in for tech support, the tech can fix the issue but it just breaks again within a few days. Never a permanent fix. 


Does anyone have any suggestions for facing this issue? 


Thanks very much,




Marshall Hayes
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Re: Outlook Integration Reliability

I have been having the same problem and can't seem to find an answer here in the community forums.  Have you found a solution yet?


We have 2 computers running Act Pro v17.1 Hotfix 1

Windows 7

Office 2013

Outlook set up with microsoft exchange

Database is saved on one computer, shared to other computer

Also have 1 Microsoft Surface Pro 3 sharing the same database


This issue happens a few times a day.

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Re: Outlook Integration Reliability

Have you found any solution to this problem yet?  I am still having this problem as well and am waiting for some resolution.  Makes Act virtually worthless because you never know if any work you have done is actually syncing...



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Re: Outlook Integration Reliability



Thank you for submitting your post. The issue you are having may be resolved by checking out our Knowledgebase at


Below are the Knowledgebase Articles that may help you with Act Integration with Outlook:


  1. 27456 General Troubleshooting for Sage ACT! and Microsoft® Outlook® Synchronization Errors -


  1. 27105 Some or All Contacts Fail to Sync between Microsoft® Outlook® and Sage ACT! -
Hope this helps,

Scott Baker
Visit the knowledgebase at