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Outlook Integration - 2 users 1 pc

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Outlook Integration - 2 users 1 pc


Just joined this community, so apologies if this issue is already addressed but a quick search didn't reveal an answer to me.


Environment: APFW 2013 on Win2003 server, Win7 64bit Pro client with Office 2010, Windows AD domain.


This particluar pc has been setup for UserA and all works fine - Outlook Integration for ACT (OIA) installed and working.


Now I need to add UserB to the same machine - they will be using it on different days for a few weeks at least.


On first logon as UserB, OIA crashed at Windows Startup.  Setup email account on Outlook, OAI is shown as an addin but addins tab not visible on main Outlook window.  So logged onto APFW (still as UserB) but to install OIA but it halts with a "please uninstall older version" message.  OIA is not visible in control panel add/remove programs section.


Logged off Windows as UserB, logged in again as UserA.  Outlook / APFW / OIA all still work fine.


So simple question: can two seperate users have OIA installed on one pc?  If so, how do I do it?




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Re: Outlook Integration - 2 users 1 pc

It's not something I have checked, but you should not be trying to install for the second user.  Since it's installing a program that is already installed on the computer.


You are logging in to the computer as two different windows profiles? With 2 different email accounts.?


I think if it were me, what I would do is try and configure the client without reinstalling it.  



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