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Outlook Freezes with Act v21

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Outlook Freezes with Act v21


Act v21 + Update 2

Windows 10

Office 2016 (16.0.4738.1000) 32 Bit

Database hosted on Windows Server 2016 with default installation of Act 21.


Outlook will randomly freeze up and the only way out of it is to either end the task or wait the 30 seconds to 5 minutes until it resumes.  This is happening to multiple users.  It almost looks like Outlook is loading something.  Task manager doesn't show that Outlook is not responding.


Troubleshooting I've done..

Unchecked the Act.Office.Outlook.Addin.  - No freezing when this is unchecked

Started Outlook in safe mode - Works.  No freezing

Enabled the Act.Office.Outlook.Addin - Random freezing of Outlook

Reinstalled Act - Still freezing

Uninstalled Act, reinstalled Office, reinstalled Act - still freezing

Installed Office/Act on to a new (just out of the box) PC - freezing


Event viewer shows

Classic 11/27/2018 10:38:12 AM Act.Outlook.Addin.Shared 0 None - Value does not fall within the expected range.


I have over 100 FA's getting ready to jump me so any assistance would be greatly appreciated.








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Re: Outlook Freezes with Act v21

[ Edited ]

Does not appear to do this with v21 Premium Update 4 installed just FYI. Integration in Outlook working and attaching incoming / outgoing emails.


Act! Premium Version, Update 4



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Re: Outlook Freezes with Act v21

We didn't approve Act 21 for our environment.  During testing it was causing more trouble that it's worth

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Re: Outlook Freezes with Act v21

I must have made an error on ours as I thought it said 'uninstall' before doing the 'update',   now need to go and try and re-install as the 'download links' are only provided for the 'update'  :-(


the previous version (from Jun 2018 which I'd kept previously doesn't properly install)