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Outlook Email

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Outlook Email

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We have recently upgraded to ACT2009 Premium and also use Outlook 2003. I have configured ACT so that it uses Outlook as its email client.


Can someone please tell me whether inbound emails from an external internet source should be attached to ACT contacts automatically, i.e. if a member of staff has a contact record and an email address and an email is sent to that member of staff, should the email attach automatically?


At the moment, emails are attaching to the record of the person who sent the email but not to the recipient. Oddly, if the member of staff who receives the email in Outlook then uses the QuickAttach feature the item gets attached to their record - we want this to happen automatically.


Also, if a member of staff sends an email to another ACT contact is there any way of the item being attached both to the recipient record and also to the ACT record of the sender?



Thank you


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Re: Outlook Email

Inbound messages will not attach by default, but they can be made to by creating outlook rules: KB 23207


Messages can always be manually attached via the icons in Outlook.