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Outlook / Act! integration suddenly stops working.

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Outlook / Act! integration suddenly stops working.

ACT v. 22.1.212 Update2 Outlook version 2006 build 13001 Windows 10 Pro Local database sync with remote. After the latest upgrade ACT stopped syncing with Outlook. I tried various methods and checked the community and website support sites. I tried everything I could but it would not work. I decided to do a complete new install from scratch of everything on my computer. Everything was a clean installation. I left Outlook for a few days to do what ever it wanted to do to get up to date, then installed ACT! very carefully. I now have a completely "clean" installation. It seems that the communication between ACT and Outlook disappears at random. It is not syncing emails (in or out). I try to manually record emails using "quick attach" and I get the message "no history recorded". I I use "Attach to contacts" and can find the client and say "attach" but nothing is registered in ACT! Sometimes the "create contact" + "create activity" work, sometimes nothing happens. I am loath to press "sync" as it goes into a never ending task an the arrows circle around doing nothing for a long time. The "change preferences" show that all is correct. I check the "add ins" in outlook and they are loaded. It almost seems as though it works when I first turn on the computer but the first sync it does with the main database over the internet, stops any further action. I have rebuild preferences but that made no difference. Can anybody shed any light on where to look next or what the problem could be?? Mark
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Re: Outlook / Act! integration suddenly stops working.

Sorry to hear you're also having problems with Outlook Integration.  It's a new approach to connectivity with Outlook according to the ACT team, and unfortunately, it seems to have bugs.  There is another related thread you might want to check out at: .


FYI - I spent weeks working with the dev team and they were able to find a few bugs in v22 update 2.  They addressed some of those bugs in update 3.  Notably for me, the integration was self terminating once Outlook had been open for 55 minutes. 


Since update 3, I've done a clean install on a brand new PC and am still having terrible performance from the Outlook Integration.  Sent/received emails have a 50/50 chance of being auto-attached as contact history.  And, my latest headache is the Act! plug-in in Outlook gets stuck on 'Act! is loading your address book'.  Wishing I'd never updated from v21.


Let's hope that we get some fixes very soon.