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Outlook-ACT integration (Outlook 2010 and ACT! 2010 Premium)

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Outlook-ACT integration (Outlook 2010 and ACT! 2010 Premium)

I have Office 2010 on my laptop (so, that includes Outlook 2010 that I use obviously).  The company I started working for has ACT! 2010 Premium.  I''ve been told by Sage that Outlook 2010 does not integrate with ACT! 2010 Premium, and that my company would have to upgrade our licenses to (and that costs!!) to ACT! 2011.  Does anyone know of a way (a patch or something) that I can have Outlook 2010 integration with ACT 2010! Premium?  Thanks -  Karen (  p.s.  They all have Office 2007 -- so they technically can integrate.  They don't want to use that feature but I do -- I work in Sales for them and I know from past experience that having the integration is essential.

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Re: Outlook-ACT integration (Outlook 2010 and ACT! 2010 Premium)

Sage will not be providing an update for Act! 2010 to provide full Office 2010 integration, however they do have a workaround for Outlook 2010.


Here are the general disclaimers involved:


Please note that the following ACT! features or functions are not currently available in Office 2010:

  • ACT! Email System Wizard doesn't detect Outlook® 2010
  • Microsoft® Outlook® Calendar Integration
  • Export to Excel®
  • Microsoft® Word® as Word Processor

The following workaround will automatically configure Microsoft Outlook 2010 as the email system in ACT! and allow you to integrate your ACT! by Sage 2010 Address Book with Outlook 2010 and utilize the following features of Outlook Integration:

  • Send email from ACT! using Outlook 2010
  • Record email history
  • 'Quick Attach'
  • 'Attach to ACT Contacts'
  • 'Create ACT! Activity'
  • Using Outlook Rules to quick attach incoming emails

  • Important Note: The ACT! address book will not be accessible when clicking the To: button in a new Outlook 2010 email message.

To see the whole article, do a search on KB #26713 in the Act! Support Knowledge base

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Re: Outlook-ACT integration (Outlook 2010 and ACT! 2010 Premium)

I tried this workaround and everytime i launch ACT it freezes. Any idea why?

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