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Out of Memory Error while syncing

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Out of Memory Error while syncing

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I'm receiving the dreaded System.OutOfMemoryException during a sync for a few users on ACT 2011 Premium SP1 Hotfix 4 (both client and server). I've read the KB related to the issue but that appears to apply only to problems with syncing files. I'm pretty confident that my issue relates to syncing large numbers of contact fields. I am pasting below the relevant portion of the Sync Preview Report of one of the users:


TABLEDOMAIN             TABLENAME                               ADDS        UPDATES     DELETES
---------------------   ---------------------                   ---------   ---------   ---------
Activity                TBL_ACCESSOR_ACTIVITY                   267         7           5       
Activity                TBL_ACCESSOR_ACTIVITY_CLEARED           266         0           0       
Activity                TBL_ACTIVITY                            266         112         0       
Activity                TBL_CONTACT_ACTIVITY                    267         0           0       
Attachment              TBL_ATTACHMENT                          4           0           0       
Contact                 TBL_ADDRESS                             63          111         0       
Contact                 TBL_CONTACT                             16          2263        1       
Contact                 TBL_EMAIL                               26          7           0       
Contact                 TBL_PHONE                               29          4           0       
Contact                 TBL_SECONDARY                           12          0           1       
History                 TBL_CONTACT_HISTORY                     299         0           0       
History                 TBL_HISTORY                             418         4           0       
History                 TBL_OPPORTUNITY_HISTORY                 134         0           0       
Note                    TBL_CONTACT_NOTE                        2412        0           3304    
Note                    TBL_NOTE                                381         77          8       
Opportunity             TBL_CONTACT_OPPORTUNITY                 58          0           1       
Opportunity             TBL_OPPORTUNITY                         59          54          0       
Other                   TBL_IMPORT_HISTORYITEM                  2           0           0       
Security                TBL_ACCESSOR                            0           13          0       
Security                TBL_CONTACT_ACL                         4           0           0       
Security                TBL_LOGONHISTORY                        67          55          0       
Security                TBL_OPPORTUNITY_ACL                     59          0           0       
Security                TBL_USER                                0           11          0       
Sync                    TBL_SYNCCONTACT                         4           18          0       
Sync                    TBL_SYNCCONTACT_ACL                     16          0           0       
Sync                    TBL_SYNCSUBSCRIPTION                    4           0           0       
System                  TBL_ACCESSOR_PREFERENCE                 0           6           0       
Files                   Files                                   5           0           18      
TOTALS:                                                         5138        2742        3338    


The other user that can't sync has similar numbers. One of our ACT administrators did a fairly hefty update that reflects those large pending Adds/Updates/Deletes. All of the other remote databases are showing numbers under 1000 total and they have no problem syncing.


I tried to modify the Synchronization.DataListBufferSize key in the sync config file, but neither going over 100 or going down as low to 5 have helped.


Our server is pretty new with 4GB of RAM. It's entirely dedicated to ACT. SQL Server is using 1.5 GB and the rest is negligible. When the user tries to sync I see the sync service jump to 300 MB and then drops to 100 Mb as it fails.


How can I get these databases to sync?


Thank you!



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Re: Out of Memory Error while syncing

Nobody ever seems to have this problem, but I'm circling back around to report some findings. I largely solved this by changing the Synchronization.DataListBufferSize value to 2 in the Act.Framework.Synchronization.Service.exe.config file. I haven't tried to reduce that number since moving to hotfix 6.


Today, the problem reared its ugly head again and wasted a few hours of my time. This time, every remote database would report the out of memory error on the server on the same record. I had a suspicion that it was a corrupt record, but none of the repair options in actdiag did anything for me. Finally, I asked our sales folk if they had any issues with any records lately. One mentioned that he had tried to paste an article from a website into the notes section of a contact and it locked up his PC. Sure enough, my PC was hosed once visited the note. One note deleted later and everything was working again.


So, should any of you come across an out of memory error popup that fails on the same record every time, be aware that it may be a corrupt record and that the notes field will take data that it probably shouldn't.