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Opportunity process versus Opportunity Status

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Opportunity process versus Opportunity Status

I am relatively new to act, we are on Act 2009 Premium.


Trying to mentally sort out the difference between an opportunity process stage versus its status... do the stages simply offer more granularity?



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Re: Opportunity process versus Opportunity Status

A stage is part of a customized list within the Opportunity process. Stages can be used to illustrate where in the Opportunity process the Opportunity stands. The user can setup the stages as they see fit within the Opportunity porcess (each process has its own unique list of stages). So if your process has a particular series of steps that are followed from the time it is opened till the time it closed, the stages can be used to show this. An example of stages would be:

1. Initial call

2. Meeting scheduled

3. Meeting follow-up

3. Negotiation

4. Sign contract


Status is a non-customizable, general state of the Opportunity. Whether it is Open, Closed-Won, Closed-Lost, or Inactive.

Greig Hollister

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