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Opportunity - object reference

Nickel Super Contributor
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Opportunity - object reference


ACT! 2010

Updating an opportunity from "Open" to "Closed-won" or "Closed-Lost", a box pops up that says, "Object Reference not set to an instance of an object".   

There is a KB (24350) that covers this error, but does not deal with opportunities.

This database has 4,000 lost, and 2,000 inactive opportunities dating back to 2006.

My recommendation would be to archive all but say a year's worth of opps, but I don't know for sure that that will fix the problem.

Rita Kogstad
RKA Associates
Stamford, CT
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Re: Opportunity - object reference


A client of ours is getting that but just for one user. I have heard others have the problem. Possibly needs submitting as a bug.

Graeme Leo
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New Member
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Re: Opportunity - object reference

Have you found a solution to this.  It has just been brought to my attention that this is happening on our install as well.  We have a shared database and I have verified it is happening with at least two users.  We are running ACT! by Sage Premium 2010 Version, Hot Fix 2.  I cannot find anything on this error when changing status of an opportunity from "open" to "Closed - Won" as Rita pointed out.

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Re: Opportunity - object reference

Hi there,


I'm having the same error message "object reference not set to an instance of an object" when I click the status from open to Closed-won, Closed-lost or inactive.


Did you figure out how to get it stop sending you that error message?


Am i just going to have to re-install act to get rid of it?