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Opportunity Reports - Filter by Probability?

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Opportunity Reports - Filter by Probability?

I am trying to generate an Opportunity Report that filters opportunities based on the probability percentages. For instance, I would like to have a report which only outputs opportunties with a probability >= 50% 


In the report designer, I can only find options to filter by date range. Am I missing something? How can I acheive what I am trying to do here?


Thanks in advance for any tips of guidance here.

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Re: Opportunity Reports - Filter by Probability?

You can filter by probabilty in the Sales Opportunity List view, and then export to excel, this would give you the list you are seeking.  Also if you run the  ACT report "adjusted for probability" this will give you just the opps matching the probability you specified in you opp list.  Basically if the report your are running is  opportunity based and not contact based, you filter your opps, then run the opp report.


However, if you are running one of the sales opp reports that is based on contact, you won't be able to filter the opps (by probability or any opp variables)   This would have to be done in a 3rd part reporting program like crystal reports.

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