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Opportunity Report including email and country

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Opportunity Report including email and country

My data base runs across multiple countries.

I want to send an email to just Opportunities that are active from Australia

When I do an Opportunities report, customise columns does not give me the options to add country or email.

How do I do this?


I am using Act! Pro Version, Update 2

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Re: Opportunity Report including email and country

This is not as easy as perhaps you would like but is doable.


First in Opportunities lookup all Active opportunities.


Now create lookup and it will show the corresponding contacts.


Find a spare field or create one and then use Edit Replace and insert todays date or similar in that field for the lookup.


Now lookup that field for the matching data and then do a second lookup using the Show Options - Narrow Lookup option to search the Country Field.


Bit long winded but will get you there.


Explanation for above  -When you carry the Opportunity Create Lookup to contacts you do not get the option to narrow on a 2nd lookup in contacts.