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Opportunities_adding them to many contacts

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Opportunities_adding them to many contacts

1. I buy leads and import them into ACT! 2008 (10.0).

2. Let's say I have 500 new leads.

3. QUESTION: How do I automatically have my customized opportunity populate into EACH contact, as a SEPERATE opportunity?


What I want is that when I import for example, 500 contact, I want to be able to look at my opportunity pipeline and see how many contact I still need to initiate contact with. As it is now, I have to create an opportunity, one at a time and that is extremely time conusuming.


Again, I need a SEPERATE opportunity for each seperate contact and not have one opportunity connected to many contact.





Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Opportunities_adding them to many contacts

If you just wish to simply track the decling number of contacts on that 500 member list you have left to initiate contact with, there are easier ways than using opportunities.


Before you import the records, create a data column in your spreadsheet called "Referred By", and then populate every cell of the column with the words "DEC 14 Import" (or whatever else make sense to you).

Then import these records into your database, making sure to map the "Referred By" field properly.

Once that is done, create a Group of all the 500 imported contacts based on that "referred by" field. For instance, all contacts with "Dec 14 Import" in the "Referred by" field.

Do a preview to ensure all 500 records respond to that query.

Once that is confirmed, add an additional condition of that Groups membership, by stipulating that the "Edit Date" must also be equal December 14th. Do a preview to confirm that the group still totals 500, which it should. 


Now, each time you initiate a contact with a member of that group and create a note or history activity of any kind, that contact will drop out of that Group, leaving only the ones that are left to contact.


No pipelines, but you can schedule Opportunities more appropriately (and only as required), after you contact each person in that group.


Hope this helps.


Ken Quigley, BA, MCSE, ACC, APT
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Re: Opportunities_adding them to many contacts

I'd agree with Ken that ops are best added after a contact.


But if, for your use, that won't work, you can try either: - to copy an opportunity to a lookup - to import to the opportunity table