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Opportunities - Order date versus forecast delivery dates

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Opportunities - Order date versus forecast delivery dates

I want to try and extend the opportunities functionality.  Currently, for an  opportunity, the key data item is order date (forecast, then actual).  But our business can take an order for a large number of widgets with several forecast (then confirmed) delivery dates - multiple drop dates, if you like.  We want to focus on what we are forecasting to delivery - on a month by month basis, and be able to create summary reports which show whether we are hitting our forecast sales/month/product.


I've dabbled with several ways of trying to deal with this.  Since we can have multiple delivery drops per opportunity, it seems that what I really need is a new table, to be completed for each opportunity (or each opportunity product), which lists delivery quantities against month/year - but I don't know how to achieve this.  We have Stonefield, so could create the reports either through that package or natively from ACT, once the opportunity had been set up properly.


Has anyone tried, or even succeeded, in doing anything similar?


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Re: Opportunities - Order date versus forecast delivery dates

Your basic assessment is correct, you need a custom subordinate to opportunities for your delivery information. The ACT! program has the capabilities of having such a custom table defined but the ACT! program doesn't provide a user interface to define and manage such a custom table. There are third party plugins that do provide the user interface. The one I have used for other clients is the Durkin Impact Suite.


You also mentioned reporting on the custom table data. First the bad news, the ACT! reports won't recognize custom tables. The main third party options for reporting involving custom tables are Crystal reports or Durkin Impact reports (the Durkin report runtime is included with the suite but the report designer is sold separately). It's been sometime since I worked with Stonefield so I don't know if they can work with custom tables.


If I can provide more information you can contact me off-line.

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Re: Opportunities - Order date versus forecast delivery dates



Thanks.  That's a great answer - in the sense that it confirms my thought processes.  I will contact you off-line, to see whether Durkin is suitable, and to establish whether much design/configuration/report construction is needed to get to where we need to be.  For sure, we need to address the user's interface - so that the required sales data can be loaded - as well as the downstream reporting.  I also need to understand how Durkin rolls out to a multi-user ACT environment with remote databases, synching to a central main database.


It was also be great to hear if anyone else in the Community has addressed this same requirement.



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Re: Opportunities - Order date versus forecast delivery dates

Hi Andy.

Whilst we do not have additional dates with our add-on at the moment, you may find Seamless Opportunities goes some of the way to meeting your needs.

We are the developers and would happily look at how we can meet your needs.

Kind regards

Donald Page

+44(0) 8454 300900