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One user, multiple computers

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One user, multiple computers

Earlier this year I bought ACT! 2010 (v12.0.409.0) because I can no longer run Outlook on my main office workstation (Groupwise conflicts).  I am NOT a fan of ACT for a variety of reason but that's a different topic.  I have not been able to use my ACT database on two different machines no mater how many work arounds I've tried.  I gave up on the program but now need to resurrect it.  Time to tap into the gurus for some deeper insight.


I work on multiple computers and need to synchronize my data between all machines.  I use Dropbox on each machine and LOVE it!  All files for all programs are saved in the Dropbox folders and I can move from machine to machine and still keep working on the same file.  ACT will not let me do this.


I have created a remote database on my laptop, set my office machine as publisher but can not sync the database.  It seems I need the Premium version to do this.  Can this be confirmed?


Other factors:

I split my time between two offices, I have the corporate office, Novel network, Groupwise e-mail.  Win XP SP3 workstation 32 bit OS.

Home office, multiple computers, Seagate 1TB NAS storage server, main workstation Win 7 62 bit OS.  Wired & wireless network.

Laptop HP, Win7 62 bit OS, wireless network.


One user, multiple locations.


In addition to the salaried day job, I own a wholesale distribution company with several hundred customers and daily UPS shipments.  I use QuickBooks 2009 Wholesale Premium for my accounting which synchronized inventory and sales with my eCommerce site.  I print all my invoices and paperwork to PDFs and save in the Dropbox folders so I can access wherever I'm at.  This works great!


Here is what I want to do and need assistance:

Be able to have all the same data available on which ever machine I’m working from.

Have all data up to date so I don't enter customer info on one machine and have it drop off into limbo for not syncing properly.

I would LOVE to be able to sync data from QuickBooks to ACT if possible so I can access order info, product info etc.  I subscribe to a service that is suppose to do this but it is one notch above worthless.

Be able to use ACT to send company e-mails and have the "sent" copies available on each machine.  Windows live does this but comes with Hotmail garbage attached.  Looks unprofessional.

Utilize customer contact info for my mail merge  mass mailing with out crashing and locking up ACT!

To be able to have the same data and interface web based would be great IF it works!  I’ve seen products claim it, haven’t seen it work yet as claimed.  Does ACT! Premium do this and work well?

Paying for an upgrades doesn’t bother me if it does what it is suppose to do.  2010?  2011 Premium?  Any advice, warnings etc?


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Re: One user, multiple computers

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No one responded to my post so I contacted ACT! sales department.  Repeated the same info listed above, multiple computers, operating systems, spent about fifteen minutes on the phone. Yup.....2011 will do what I asked, web version will run on all three machines just like the desktop version, all data synced etc. etc.


After downloading Premium and web premium I tried to install.  Premium installed OK, web version repeatedly gave me an error message "Web version is not compatible with operating system"  Does NOT run on Win7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What the *bleep*!!!!!!!!!!  Just out, latest and greatest version and it wont work on any of the computers being sold?!!!

Anyone else tried and worked?

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Re: One user, multiple computers


Your best course is to contact an ACT! Consultant in your area. They are familiar with correct setup and yes ACT! can be available from multiple machines.   There is a list of ACT! consultants at ACC List 


For your need to have ACT! and QuickBooks linked we can help you. As developers, we have our Xact link to ACT! and QuickBooks for which there is a 30 day trial download for the USA version here  30 Day QB Link Trial  This software is not reliant on synchronisation, it is live to your QuickBooks data file, locally or remote.

Attached is a pdf on the product. Many additional features such as Vendor linking and Purchase Order , Access Control and Sales Summary tabs have been added since this brochure was produced. The software does not require QB installed on each machine to function.




Graeme Leo
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