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On-going licensing issues

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On-going licensing issues

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We use ACT! 18 and have 18 users on a perpetual license.  Act is installed on the corporate image, so it is on over 1000 computers even though only those 18 users use it.  Every 3-4 weeks we have problems with users getting a msg stating their license has expired.  We call in, they increase our activation tolerance and all is well for another 3-4 weeks.  And then it happens again.  This has gone on for months.  Support has done nothing to help correct the issue other than continually raising our tolerance limit. 


My gut feeling is that this is happening because Act is on the corporate image, which is also used to create virtual machines.  I believe the virtual machines are causing the activations to hit the limit, but I have no proof of that, and no one at Swiftpage has offered anything helpful to confirm or deny this.  The best I could get from anyone is "well... it SHOULD work in a virtual environment".  


I would like to get some help to resolve this issue.   Anyone have any thoughts on why we're having this problem, or had a similar experience?  If so, how did you resolve it?





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Re: On-going licensing issues

What support is telling you is absolutely correct.  The only reason why you would have to increase a tolerance on a serial number is for new activations, not re-activations.  If you would like to PM me your serial number I can conduct a quick investigation on the issue.


Additionally I know one of the later updates to Act! v18.2 did have some issues with activation, though I believe they were resolved at by the time Update 6 came out.

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Re: On-going licensing issues

I suggest that users work in the database through the web browser, in this way they can work from the web browser of any computer or mobile device without Software  installation or activation. (this requires that the version installed on your server be Act! Premium WEB)


If you do not want to ... you do not need to publish the web access path on your internet router - you can work ONLY in an INTRANET environment (It's a matter of system security)


Act! is not designed to have concurrent users, each person should have their own user.


I also suggest upgrade the current licenses to the new version V20.1 that is compatible with Google Chrome for MAC and Windows


V20.1  is compatible with Office 2013 and 2016




...If this answered your question, please click on ACCEPT AS SOLUTION - Best regards and Good luck


DO NOT FORGET TO BACKUP YOUR DATABASE DAILY - and place a copy of that ZIP file in a USB memory or external disk for more security in case your computer or server's hard drive is damaged