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Office 2013 and ACT! Premium 2012 SP1

Nickel Super Contributor
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Re: Office 2013 and ACT! Premium 2012 SP1

I have been testing and working with Office 2013 (Profession Plus), ACT 2013 (15.1) and Windows 8 Pro and so far, I have not really had an issue with the integration. I have been unable to reproduce the 'imessage' error message. 


I have tested using 2 methods.

  1. A normal install of Office followed by an normal install of ACT. In this case, all functionality existed that I was expecting. 
  2. Office 2013 set to install the componants on first run, followed by a normal install of ACT. I ran into some issues with email history. I believe the issues I encountered would most likely be resolved by removing and reinstalling ACT so that the program has proper access to all required files.

What I was not able to test, was using Office Click-to-Run. However, having said that, before I go any further, I want to stress that I don't believe the 'iMessage' error is necessarily related to the CTR install. We have a knowledge base article with troubleshooting steps to resolve this error for fully supported/tested versions of Office. 


Error: "Could Not Retrieve IMessage: Interface is Not Supported" When Attempting to Write Email Mess...


For the question on if Click-To-Run is the same as Office 365, or when we refer to CTR, are we referring to 365. CTR appears to be a part of the Office 365 suite, which was introduced in Office 2010. 



"Microsoft Office Click-to-Run uses Microsoft streaming and virtualization technology to significantly reduce the time that is required for you to download and begin experiencing the new features of Microsoft Office."


Also, per that same page, in regards to third party Add-ons:

"Will my add-ins work?

Some add-ins might not work with Office Click-to-Run. If you rely on an add-in that does not work with Office Click-to-Run, you should install the MSI-based edition of Microsoft Office."


For Office 2010, Microsoft's recommendation was to uninstall the CTR version and switch to an MSI installed version. Please understand, I am not in any way trying to pass blame, I am just hoping to show why the ACT add-in may have issues with 365/CTR.





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Re: Office 2013 and ACT! Premium 2012 SP1



My new PC came with the Click-to-install version of Office 2013 preinstalled.


I've just found the following link that allowed me to purchase a DVD for Office 2013 Home and Business for about £12 :


I just needed to click the Microsoft Office alternative fulfillment page link, enter my Microsoft account details and the product key for Office then I could purchase the DVD.


Will report back as to whether it fixes my issues with Office 2013/ACT interoperability.



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Re: Office 2013 and ACT! Premium 2012 SP1

I find it extremely disappointing that such an expensive software (ACT2012 Premium) wouldn't be compatible with arguably the largest email software in the world (Outlook 2013).  I also find it extremely disappointing that ACT! will not release a patch or update that will link the two together once they figure out what the crap they're doing.  You're really making me regret my decision to go with ACT over sugarCRM or SalesForce.

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Re: Office 2013 and ACT! Premium 2012 SP1

ACT! 2013 SP1 does work with Outlook 2013.

Roy Laudenslager
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Re: Office 2013 and ACT! Premium 2012 SP1

Unless you know, you buy your office from a store and thus get the click to run version....



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Re: Office 2013 and ACT! Premium 2012 SP1

To be quite honest your reply and the stance of ACT is unacceptable in this day and age of technology. So what you are saying is that I have to go backwards in grade level of software to use ACT 2012 Prem. (which is not that old) with a Microsoft Outlook version. 


So please answer me on this. ACT 2012 Prem.  will operate with functionality with Outlook 2010?


Act is a great product but they are making it more and more diffecult to remain loyal to it. The value equation needs to swing both ways. Don't forget your customers. 

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Re: Office 2013 and ACT! Premium 2012 SP1

2012 works just fine with office 2010.


Mark Hammer
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