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OLE connection over Intranet Site

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OLE connection over Intranet Site



I am currently testing ACT Premium 2013 ( as an upgrade to Act 2011 Pro.  I want to be able to run some simple reports through my corporate Intranet from the ACT database.  I installed the new Desktop version of  ACT on a WIN 2003 32-bit server which is a member of the domain and updated a working copy of our 2011 db on the same server as a test db.  I created a UDL on my desktop using the ACT OLEDB Provider 2 and an ACT user and password and was able to sucessfully connect to the new test db.  The user is an administrator in ACT.


I installed IIS 6 on the server and configured it.  I then copied the UDL to the root folder, created a global.asa file that refers to the UDL. I then created and ran a small test file using a basic asp which pulls a simple SQL query written in VBScript.  I ran it through IE from the hosting server and it works perfectly.  However, when I try to acces it via my desktop, I get a "Provider error '80070005' Access Denied" message.  I can open other HTML and ASP files that I copied over so IIS is running properly and permissions on the root folder seem to be correct. 


Do I need to set up ASP Impersonation to allow access across my corporate Intranet?  Did I miss some permissions somewhere?  The UDL still works from my desktop to the server .pad file so I don't know why it would casue a permissions error if the connection runs through an ASP page.


Thanks for your help. 

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Re: OLE connection over Intranet Site

Shouldn't need impersonation user. 

In IIS manager go to the web app or service you created, go to basic settings. Take al ook at Connect As, it by default should be set

as an application user. Try changing to a specifc user, admin or power user and see if that works. If yes then setup an account with sufficient privileges for security purposes.


Hope that helps :-)     

Graeme Leo
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Re: OLE connection over Intranet Site

Thanks gleo.  I am running IIS 6 on that box and Connect As is available in IIS7. But, your comments got me thinking about the permissions that ACT uses on the database and files.  The .ADF and ALF files have the local SQLServerMSSQLUser$... group permissions.  Adding my domain made no differnce to accessing it over the web.  I tried various permission setting with no luck.  It seems ACT OLE Provider2 is hard coded someway for local access only.  ACTReader on the other hand adds the account (read only) to SQL itself.  Therefore, I created a ODBC connection string (which I haven't done since 2002) and eventually was able to access tables! 


For anyone else looking to do this, some things I learned:


  • Use the SQL Server Native Client 10.0
  • Use the SQL Express convention when naming your server (servername\ACT7)
  • Add the UID=ACTReader and the PWD=the_password_you_changed_in_ACTReader.exe
  • You can not use a SYSTEM DSN as is will not pass the password on to SQL (unless there is a way to do this I don't know about)
  • You need to access the actual table names not the views in your queries or you will get errors (tbl_company vs company)

I will put the connection string in an include file that I will refence throughout the pages so that if there is any change I can edit one spot. I would never put a connection string with a password on a public site but I'm not too worried about my 20 person offfice's local Intranet. It's too bad you can not get the sa for your own database and information from the company.  I have it for my accounting system and it was 50 times more expensive. 


Thanks for your time and advice.