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OLE DB issues

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OLE DB issues

Hello.  We are not sure where this issue popped up along the way but we recently upgraded to ACT 21 as well as Crystal Reports 2016 (For another unrelated application).  We had several reports developed in Crystal Reports that pull from the ACT database and it has been running great for years.  However, recently they stopped working.  When we attempt to run the application from Crystal Reports it simply prompts us for the Connection we want to use where we can choose the connections.  If we select the OLE DB Provider for Reporting 2.0 it fails to connect and prompts up the provider message again.  All firewalls and antivirus are disabled.  We are trying to run this on a Windows 2008 R2 server which talks to another 2008 R2 server where the ACT database lives.  

We also tried to rebuild the OLE 2.0 objects using ACTDiag as well with no luck.



So we then tried out Microsoft Excel 2010 using the instructions here...


We went through the wizard and when we hit finish he says the username and password is invalid.  Well, we know that is not the case and tried it numerous times.  We tried different users as well.  


Now I remember having a similar issue over the summer and I thought it had something to do with a TLS update issue that Microsoft pushed out as part of a Windows update that broke OLE DB.  However, I can not locate that KB article anywhere or even a forum post.  Perhaps it was something related to another windows update.


I have a feeling it is related to a windows update but I can not be sure.  


Can anyone assist?


Thanks so much!