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OLD/DB 2 field duplication

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OLD/DB 2 field duplication

Looking at OLE/DB 2.0 in Excel for dbo.CONTACT table (view) and somehow many of the fields (not all) have been duplicated.  The duplicate names are followed by an integer.  See example below.


Engineering Firm

Engineering Firm34

Fill Material

Fill Material35


The duplicate field names (with integer suffix) are not in any field reports from ACTDIAG, nor are they in the tables or views when I look at the database in SSMS. I have done every type of rebuild in various sequences (Rebuild OLEDB v2 Objects).  Also created empty copy of the db and they are still there.


The duplication appears in contact table and spill overs and with various field types.  Some fields are duplicated and others are not.


Has anyone seen this before?  Any ideas on how to get rid of duplicates?