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Notes Tab and field not displaying in Contacts Detailed View

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Notes Tab and field not displaying in Contacts Detailed View

Windows 7 OS
Tried reverting to "Normal" 96 DPI? font size for display. 

Still does not show.


If I go to Layouts > Contacts I can see it  


Anyway for my eyes I need 140% display font size. 

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Re: Notes Tab and field not displaying in Contacts Detailed View

Are you seeing any of the tabs at the bottom? If all the tabs are missing, take a look at the following kb article.


Tabs Fail To Display in Contact, Group or Company Views


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I have experienced the same thing today

[ Edited ]

I'm recently upgraded to a new computer which is running Windows 7.  I've noticed that the fonts act is using seem to be a little larger and more crowded.


I've also noticed that the history now cuts off about 20% of each line regardless of how wide you make the colum.  Any run into this? Tabs are fine in Opps, groups and company.


More important does anyone have a solution?


This is 2010 version.

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This is yet another of the many functionality issues that plagues ACT!


Sage charge for support (annual payment), so it suits them to have all these problems.


After messing around for hours, following advice from  ID 27128, ID 27032 and ID14770, I found ID 14713 which confirmed what I had already worked out when a full reinstall and then copy of files from Program files and root drive ACT folders did not solve the problem - it must lie in the User AppData folders in Windows.


Instead of messing with editing one file to correct or copying from a working installation on a different machine, I copied the whole  ACT for Windows 12 folder from AppData - Roaming - ACT and it solved the problem.


5 minutes to get notes back then another 10 minutes to check all settings.


if no working installation, a few minutes to download and then install ACT.


4 hours getting nowhere then done in a few minutes.