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Notes/Histories report seems to be very abbreviated.

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Notes/Histories report seems to be very abbreviated.

Act2008 Premium Dual Access question / Single shared database, about 30,000 contacts.


One of my users contacted me and said that the N/H report he ran for the previous week seemed very short. Only one page. His are very chock-full of stuff, so I tried to repeat what he saw and run the report myself. Logged in as both him and also myself, I ran the report as the sales people are instructed and it came out to be only one page as I was told. This user had some trouble the previous week running the report remotely, so I ran it for him. It was 38 pages for me using the web portal. I ran that same report as a test using custom date range since I knew how long it should be. To my surprise, it was not 38 pages, but only one. Not correct at all. I asked the user if he had monkeyed with any contacts in the intervening time and he said no. My question is what could cause this type of behavior where data in the report appears to be greatly abbreviated?


I may kick everyone off and do a reindex. See if maybe that helps. 

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Re: Notes/Histories report seems to be very abbreviated.

Sounds like the filters for the report are not being set to what you are expecting.


Mess around with different filter options and see where it appears to 'break'...

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Re: Notes/Histories report seems to be very abbreviated.

I had a very similar problem and even stumped the trainer at a local ACT training seminar until we figured it out through trial & error.  The solution we finally came up with was to make sure that under the "General" tab, the "All users" radio button is selected for the "Use data managed by" field.  Then, under the note and history tabs, select only the users whose N/H entries you wish to view.  The "General" tab looks at the record creator, and if only selected users were chosen from this tab, then only contacts originally created by these selected users will show up in the N/H report.  Hope that helps!