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No longer able to sync.

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No longer able to sync.

I'm no longer able to sync w/ remote database. The last sync was 12/4/08. Tried to sync today 1/19/09 and remote says it can't connect to main database. Expiration set to 90 days, but we're under that.

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Re: No longer able to sync.

Things you will need to make sure. Connectivity is correct back to the database I.E the server thats hosting your contacts. How do you have your server setup 1st option is using the ActInternet sync. If thats the case then try re-starting your IIS service. 2nd option is if you hvae port 65100 opened on your firewall and you have it pin holed to that machine.
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Re: No longer able to sync.

Verify connectivity with telnet/tracert. Confirm in the remotes, in manage connection information that they're still pointing at the correct host name/IP.


If you've update your version of act you could verify that your using the correct version of network/internet sync. 


Additionally creating a new remote and seeing if it is able to sync will narrow the issue down to connectivity, or an issue with the remote databases.

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Re: No longer able to sync.

What version of ACT do you have?  Are other users able to sync?


If no one can sync or you are the only user -


If standard version of ACT, is the database running on the server and is 'accept incoming sync' ticked.


If you have workgroups or similar is the sync service running on the server?.


If others are able to sync can you give more details of your problem.