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Newbie Needs Help Severing ACT! and Outlook 2010

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Newbie Needs Help Severing ACT! and Outlook 2010

I thought using the email and sync tools would be nifty so I tried to set it up.  I have ACT! Premium 2011 and Outlook 2010.  I'm sure it's user error as I now get an error message every time I open Outlook.  I have removed the ACT addin from Outlook so that's one problem / error message gone.  Now I'm stuck with "The ACT! Address book service is not properly configured, or the configured database is locked.  Do you want to configure it now?" showing up each time.


I'm so frustrated at this point I'm not interested in making it work.  How do I sever the communication between ACT and Outlook so I don't have to deal with error messages/popups anymore? 


Thanks for your help!!!

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Re: Newbie Needs Help Severing ACT! and Outlook 2010

Prefered Route:  The message pops up asking you to give out permission to get to your aCT database. If you say yes, you need to enter the user name and ACT password and it shouldn't keep coming back.


However if you want to divorce the two, . Open ACT, go to tools, preferences, email and go to the email setup wizzard.  Go to the 2nd or third step of hte wizzard and deselect the box that says microsoft Outlook


Restart both ACT and outlook.


To be sure it's gone, Open Outlook, go to file, options, advanced, and Add Ins.   and see if the plugin ACT.Outlook.AddIn is there and if it's disabled or just gone.  If it's gone, you should be ok, if it's not, you can disable it.

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