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New to ACT. Can it do this?

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New to ACT. Can it do this?

We are considering ACT as our CRM solution. What we need is the ability to define a list of tasks that HAVE to be completed for a particular sales opportunity in a SPECIFIC order and have every user (ACT or not) involved with these tasks notified as each item is completed and the next item is ready to be started. Can ACT do this? I guess I am asking if we can define a process "template" to use on each sales opportunity and have each item in the process not allowed to proceed until the previous item is completed. I can't tell if ACT can handle this? Any help would be appreciated!
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Re: New to ACT. Can it do this?

No, this is not an option.


There is a product being developed called Workflow IT -


If you contact them, they might look at adding the functions you're look for.