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New server, new Contact List problems - on web access only

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New server, new Contact List problems - on web access only

I've installed Act v16 on a web server (Rackspace Windows 2012 Server) so we can use web access more regularly. The installation was a breeze: v16 Premium install, then the service pack, then the hotfix.


The installation works well with two known exceptions. The nature of these makes me think it's a true bug:


1. Contact list view (web access only) doesn't work at all. We have used this  feature before with no problems.

2. We can't click on a Group to select it. There's some Javascript that's supposed to run, but we're getting nothing.


These problems exist on all 3 major (non Apple) browsers for 3 different people. The problems are consistent. Web access is usable, but these newly missing features mess up our workflow.


After 3 reinstalls to bare metal, I'm sure this is something out of my control--either the program or some database fix needed. I've already run the database repair tool.


Absolutely no problems using the Windows application.


Help, please. We'd like to use the web more with Act!


-Scotty T.