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New To Act Reporting - Need help

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New To Act Reporting - Need help

I've been asked to modify a few ACT reports.  We have Act 2008 Premium.  I've done reporting for 7 years but I'm having trouble getting the built-in reporting product to work like I expect.  I need to create a report that lists all open opportunities by product.

I tried creating an empty opportunities report but it ignores sorting by sections (It won't sort by Product name first even if that is my first section breakout).

I tried creating an empty products report but I can't get it to give me the total for only that product in the opportunity (I can get the total cost for the product, and the total cost for the opportunity, but not the cost of the product in the opportunity).


Does anyone have any suggestions?


Thank you very much!

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Re: New To Act Reporting - Need help

My initial reaction to your posting was that the report you described could not be done with the ACT! report generator because of the database structure and limitations of the data sourcing for reports. However, I do believe the report that you want or one very similar is possible using some very extensive VB scripting in the report template. What I envision would look something like the History Summary Classic report only it would be reporting on Opportunities and Products. It would be custom for your database and would likely be limited to reporting on a maximum of eight different products in one template though separate templates could accommodate additional products.


If you are interested in discussing this further, send me a private message.

Roy Laudenslager
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