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New Server - Sizing, recommendations?

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New Server - Sizing, recommendations?


Hello, I am looking for some feedback on server sizing and recommendations.


We're currently running ACT Premium 2008 and planning to upgrade to Premium 2010.  We have a 5 yr old Dell PowerEdge 2800, single XEON CPU, Windows Server 2003 Standard with 4GB memory, RAID5 with 3 SCSI drives and two logical drives on the array...  We're looking into purchasing a new server and wondering what exactly to get.  The published system requirements for ACT are much less than useful so I would like to put this out on the community for feedback.  


We have two primary companies running simultaneously with around 10 or less users signed in and entering data in each company, around 20 users max signed into ACT at any given time. 


Company A has 47,000 records and is 722MB (looking at ADF file)

Company B has 12,500 records and is 350MB.


We are also running Peachtree Quantum for the same two companies and hosting the accounting databases on this same server and have the same number of users logged into Peachtree.  


Our server is performing ok but getting slower however we're most concerned about it's age and servicability than anything.  The business has grown exponentially and the current 20 users is up from the original 5 when this server was place into operation.  We would like to leave room for potentially doubling the current number of users over the next 5 years.


I have considered moving over to Microsoft Small Business Server 2008 since it being a 64bit O/S can utilize more memory than the standard Windows Server.  I am having second thoughs about this for performance reasons..  I am wondering if SBS is a good platform for running ACT for our environment.   SBS seems to be bogged down in it's own processes and roles and I'm afraid that if I load ACT on top that it would be much slower than we already have. I do not plan to utilize Exchange at all nor SharePoint Server for at least the time being..  I'm more interested in the Windows Update Services and Remote Access features of SBS.   My plan is to move only ACT to the new server and leave Peachtree on the exisitng server.


Any thoughts?  Am I leaving out any information that would be useful for providing feedback?   Please advise..