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New Database/New Import

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New Database/New Import

ACT2010 Premium.


I have a working database called ACT111 and like to make a new one called ACT222 and wonder what the

best way is to preserve the ACT111 layout/screen/udfields for the new ACT222.


Sofar I did make a new database and copied/used/imported the old layout,but the result is very poor,not

all fields are present, in the default Owner Contact.


Is it better to use ACT111 and to make lookup "all contacts", Tag All, and to delete all ??


After I have the new ACT222 with the old fields all present ,then I will do the import of the old contacts.


Let me know the best way to preserve the old layout





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Re: New Database/New Import

Try File | Save Copy As | Save Empty Copy


This will make an empty copy of your database