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Network sharing nightmare

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Network sharing nightmare

I've logged 9 hours on getting my brother's Act Premium 2009 to network between two computers.


I've followed the KB article here.


I found a forum post about making sure to upgrade the Network Sync Service (which it needed to be - from 11.0 to 11.1) - done.


I've made sure not to select "Accept Incoming Syncs" in the Publisher database, which I know is used for Application sync as opposed to Network or Internet sync.


I have his main (Publisher) database (called "Contacts") ready to go, and I've created the remote (database on the 2nd computer (called "contacts_remote"). The version of Act is the exact same version (11.1) of Network Sync Service running on the Publisher computer.


On the remote (2nd) computer, I open Act and attempt to open the contacts_remote database but get an immediate error: "The database <Database name> could not be accessed. In order to access this database, check your network connection and verify that your database server is available. It may be necessary to disable any firewall software..."


So I disable the firewall. No change.


If it helps - I was thoroughly confused by the almost-obsolete KB article on this and thought I had to install the Sync Service on both machines, but I guess I only need it on the Publisher machine. In doing so, I also assumed I had to somehow access the contacts_remote database using the Sync Service and therefor went ahead and Shared the folder that contained it in order to do so. This is originally what started the error. I've since removed the Share function from the folder and the error hasn't gone away. Before this, I was able to Restore/Create the contacts_remote database fine with no issues. After a computer restart, this error wouldn't let me continue.


I am also doing this entire process with my brother's two computers remotely through a program called TeamViewer. We live 3000 miles away from eachother and this is how I'm able to help. Would this remote access cause a problem?


Thanks in advance,


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Re: Network sharing nightmare

Are you sharing the same database on two machines?


We use one as a server and access the database on the one machine.


We had to copy from My Documents/Act/  on the server machine the database files to the other machines..... then copy the (database name).pad file to the other computer.  Open the (database name).pad file on the other machine


Plus setup sharing and allow full access write,copy, delete etc on the server machine to your main act database files


email me at if this is not clear and I can give you my cel number



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Re: Network sharing nightmare

Greg, try opening the ADF file (go to File/open, then change the file type from .pad to .adf using the dropdown list.  That should help you open the 2nd database. I don't think the remote access has anything to do with the problem.  If the two computers share their network/internet connection, you should be able to use the internal IP address to set up the sync.  You can find that by going (on the mam database machine -- the one that houses the main database) to start/run/cmd and typing ipconfig at the prompt.  Then take the number that starts 192.168.... and enter that number into the appropriate place on the baby database (remote/2nd database) machine -- Tools/Synchronization panel/manage database connection.  Hope that helps. Brenda
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Re: Network sharing nightmare

Yuo say you want them to network but you're setting up sync. Sync is only necessary if one or more of the systems needs to operate while not on the network (like a laptop). If both are always connected, you should just network them as per


Either way, for the specific error you mention, try the suggestions in this ACT! Knowledge Base article -