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Network setup question

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Network setup question

I currently have Act! Premium 2013 running on two PC's.  There have been some networking issues that have prevented me from just hosting the DB on one of the PC's and having the other PC connect to it over the network.  I am throwing in the towel on that setup and was thinking about a different setup instead.  I was considering creating the DB on my PC, saving a copy to an external hard drive connected directly to the router (that both PC's can recognize and access), editing the .PAD file to have the router as the host and editing the network location of the DB to the external hard drive.


Does anybody see any potential problems with this?





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Re: Network setup question


You can't just move the database files (.ALF, .ADF) as ACT!  and SQL need to be on the same machine as the database files.


You should be able to connect 2 machines (which you haven't mentioned the operating systems) on the same network without any problems. If you have problems you need to make sure that

A) can PC2 ping PC1 and get a reply

B) can you open a share on PC1 from PC2.

C) check that the database is shared on PC1 via ACT! and that you can see the supplementary files are visible via a UNC path (I.E.. go to run (Windows key + r on windows 7, 8)  and type in \\MACHINENAME\ and then click on the OK button

D) check the security on the shared folder and make sure that everyone has full access (not really recommended for security reasons but for testing it's ideal or if it's only a small concern I'm sure would be OK).

E) if its vista, windows 7 or 8 check the file sharing  in Control Panel -> Network and Sharing Center ->Advanced sharing settings.

E) can PC1 get to the shared folder over the network. 

C) switch the firewall off PC1 and see if ACT! connects OK if it does then you need to allow "sqlservr.exe" and "sqlbrowser.exe"


i hope this helps

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Re: Network setup question

Yup, Microsoft SQL Server won't let you run a SQL DB from a removable drive, it must run from a local drive.


Your best option at the moment is to get someone who can fix your network issue (it could be network, av, firewall, windows permissions). Your local Act! Certified Consultant is likely the best option.

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Re: Network setup question

An option that I am looking into and have received positive feedback from everyone I have asked is utilizing VPS services from a web-based company. I am looking at For $35/month they will allow me to install ACT 2011 Premium onto their server and access it from my 5 users' PC's via remote desktop. Because you have premium you can put the software on a server and then access it from other computers. For us, it did not make sense to do this on site as we do not have a server and it seemed like an expensive option. Just a thought!