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Network or Internet Sync

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Network or Internet Sync

Upgrading my act from 2013 to v20, premium for web.


Need to sync outside users. I remember when I set this up 4 years ago it was a huge PITA, I think I was trying to do it via the internet, couldn't figure it out, called ACT support, guy said it is super hard to setup for internet, just do network.


Fast forward to now. Doing a clean install on a new machine. Database is also setup for access outside of local network via the web, people local to the company don't have specific databases, they access the whole database, so when they are travelling, they need to get in. We do NOT have a VPN, just a fqdn, so users can type www.mycompany.apfw and get to the database


However, I need to setup the non local users who have a remote database.


So which way to do it? Thank you.

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Re: Network or Internet Sync

As you've rightly said, we often don't recommend using the internet sync remote database service.


This is for a variety of reasons, but primarily it is somewhat complicated to set up, and there is a simpler alternative.


It's possible to set up the Network sync service, to work over the internet. Sounds a bit confusing but it's quite simple. Rather than using the Internet Remote Sync we use the Local Network Remote Sync... on the internet. 


Essentially, so long as you have a static IP, and the capability to open/forward ports on your router (these are both requirements of setting up the APFW website, which you've mentioned you already have) - you can simply point your remote to the server IP as the network location.


You'll find more details on setting up remotes in this way in this KB article here:

KB 17536 - How to use the Act! Network Synchronization Service across the Internet



If you do want to use the dedicated Internet Sync service instead - feel free to check out this article too:

KB 37921 - How do I install and configure the Act! Internet Sync Service?


Hope this helps!

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Posts: 74
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Re: Network or Internet Sync

Thanks for the quick reply. Yes, we do a network sync over the internet right now, just open up the port, and create the database that way. We have a fqdn via dyndns and an updater running. I had hoped that it would be easy to use internet sync 4 years later, just 1 port to open up instead of 2.