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Need "sneaker-net" synchronization advice/options

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Need "sneaker-net" synchronization advice/options


We have 11 users synchronizing regularly with our main SQL DB. 3 of them work hundreds of miles away and come into the office infrequently.

IIS is not an option - security lock down is too tight to even ask.

VPN will be our method but IT is backlogged and it may be awhile - but we know this will work.

I was hoping I could offer the team a temporary e-mail approach. It was a simple a beautiful thing in my mind anyway. I thought if I read hard enough in the docs I would find out how a user could synchronize all of their adds, deletes and changes to a file - email it to the office, have somebody else use ACT to synchronize that file with the main DB which would in turn update (or create new file) having all adds, deletes, and changes that could be manually synchronized on the end user machine. Clunky and inefficient but at least the team could run reports that were relatively up to date.

This seems very obvious to me but I just talked to support and they say it cannot be done.

Has anyone done something like this?


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Re: Need "sneaker-net" synchronization advice/options

Version 6 used to update through email, just as you're describing. Before upgrading to v7/2005, that's how our company synced our two databases. However, it caused us huge problems. Sometimes the emails wouldn't get sent correctly, sometimes the emails or files attached were corrupted. 2005/v7 doesn't support this feature, but I don't know if any of the newer versions do. I've always been hesitant to do any syncing of databases since the problems we had with email syncs.
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Re: Need "sneaker-net" synchronization advice/options

I love your question because the answer is so very easy.  you can do Netword Sync over the Internet!  No need for a VPN!!
You need KB 19374 from
    Title: How To Manage ACT! Network Sync Service

    Two points of note:
    1- IT just needs to redirect port 65100 from firewall to server sync service is installed. 2 - for Machine name you do NOT use the name of the server but rather the Public IP Address of the Company (
    I set up a person with 12 remote with users all over the world. Its a great feature and no IIS is a plus IMHO.
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        Re: Need "sneaker-net" synchronization advice/options

        You might try this option for an easy to setup VPN... has a free option as well, but need the paid (cheap) option to operate as a service