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Need multiple records for same contact

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Need multiple records for same contact

I am finishing a database of several thousand companies and the people who invest in those companies. I have approx 160k records. I need to be able to "Mirror" multiple records for the same prospect together so that any info entered on one updates on the others (email addr / home addr & phn# notes etc). Here is an example.


John Doe is an investor in 5 companies. As he sells stock in company X, I get a notification. So I do some research to find his contact info enter notes etc. 3 months go by and John sells stock from company Y so I get a new notification. Since John has a separate record as an investor in company Y I don't see all the work I did on his record for company X


Is there a way to make records "mirror" each other so when I add ANY info on John.X.Doe it updates the other records I have for John.X.Doe listed under other companies?


I do know about associations but it isn't enough just to know that he has additional records I need them to act like 1 record.


Any help on this issue would be greatly appreciated.