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Need help with adding Fields

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Need help with adding Fields

Hello, we are using ACT 2012 premium and woud like help with the following.


1. How to add  "Discription" to the Avialble fields under the product Tab.

2. How to add " Discription to the Manage Product list.

3. How do you auto poulate "Discription" from Opperutnity to MS Word quote tool.


We appreciate any feedsback. This has been very difficult.



we would like to import custom product list and allow sales people to access it when adding products. Then once they create a quote using MS world we would like the Qty/price/discription to auto populate.

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Re: Need help with adding Fields

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Hello ISS,
You can do the first 2 items in your list by adding a new Product field (Tools > Define Fields), then adding that field as a column under the Products tab. For the third item, you would probably need an add-on product, like this one:

Greig Hollister

Note: Effective 6/1/13, Sage no longers provides support for the Act! software. This is now provided by Swiftpage.

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Re: Need help with adding Fields

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You could also check out our add-on names Impact Opportunity List Plus v5. It adds not only the ability to create custom Word templates but also includes these features:


- Unlimited number of templates

- Convert template to PDF

- Auto attach to email

- Second template for the email body.

- Document naming options such as append the date

- Add multiple products at once ( Bundles)

- In-line charts and pivot at the top of the opportunity list.

- Color code, sort, group and better organize the opportunity list

- Add any field from the contact record such as postal code onto the list

- Multiple column sets

- In-line filtering

- Quick access to saved queries

- Simplified filter panels at the bottom of the list

and many more...


Download the free trial today. 



-- Jim Durkin