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Must Change Country Twice to Update Phone Format

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Must Change Country Twice to Update Phone Format

This seems to be a bug in ACT! (ACT! by Sage Premium 2010 Version 12.0.409.0, Hotfix 3).


I have found that you must change the country code twice when you want to correct an improperly entered phone number. Here is what happens:


1. An entry is first entered as being from the USA.  The phone number is entered so that it looks like this:  1 (349)155-51212 (for instance, a phone number in Madrid Spain).


2. Someone notices the error and changed the Country field to Spain but does not edit the phone format.


3. I notice the phone format and press the ... button and select Spain (34) from the drop down country box and select the default format we have set (%%) %%%-%%%%.


4. I then edit the phone number by deleting the 134 from the phone number field so that the number is displayed like this in the phone format dialog: [34] (91) 555-1212 (which is correct).


5. I press OK


6. The phone number displayed in ACT! at this point is WRONG. it is displayed as: (915) 551-212. Smiley Mad


7, I have to go back into the Phone Format Dialog for a second time and reselect Spain [34] and press OK again to have it displayed properly in ACT!


This is repeatable.