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Multiple field search - easy way available?

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Multiple field search - easy way available?

Hi all,


I'm using ACT! 2012 Premium and I'm looking for a way to do a wildcard search through all fields in my database within Act itself.   I have some contacts, and they use multiple 'screen names' but has some variation in the name.


Contact Joseph Smith


Screen name 1: JosephSmith

Screen name 2: Joe1985

Screen name 3: JoeCool

Screen name 4: ItsJosephSmith


Is there a way to search all fields by the keyword of Joe and have the search pull up screen name 2 & 3?   I know there's a way do do an advanced search but I'd rather not have to create a new advanced search for all my ScreenName fields (I have 10 of them currently and may end up adding more.)


Any help would be greatly appreciated.









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Re: Multiple field search - easy way available?

Seeing that you have Sage ACT! 2012, if you use the Search field in the upper right corner (Universal Search) - it will search all fields, notes, histories, attachments, and more for the value entered.  You can also edit the criteria that will be searched (ex: 'Contacts') to narrow down the results.

Greg Martin