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Moving Servers

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Moving Servers

Hi All


At the moment we have out ACT database on our server under a shared file called ACT, I am thinking of changing the server and I would just like to know what I need to do next.


I have installed ACT and SQL on the new server and I can connect to this from my client machine, I have noticed within the shared ACT folder there are the following files and folders:-


- ACT-database files

- archive

- how to

- ACT Uninstaller.exe

- ACT.pad

- ACT.pad.dsn


I have copied these into the new folder on the new server I just wonder if there is anything else I need to copy over. Do I need to backup the SQL db on the old server and restore this on the new one, or is the database within one of the folders above?




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Re: Moving Servers

You shouldn't just copy the files it will usually not work.


You should follow the steps as per this ACT! Knowledge Base article -